Rituals in inter-rented landscapes

Strangers on strange land

artscenico is again applying for European support. We will concentrate on “Landscape intermediate use”, landscape between nature and consumption, between dusk and dawn.

All across Europe there are landscapes, being it former industrial or military premises, forgotten areal or nature areas within cities, unspoilt or artificially created, riverbanks and others which are provided for a new use or which are unnoticed by the public.

These “fields of interests” will be waked up by artistic intervention in different forms, but always as a temporarily ritual, moved from its original place to these new links between inside and outsight.

All actions will be revealed by video and photography to be exchanged and delivered by all partners on a newly created website. After the intervention on those places there will be continuous documentations of the place so that the public can follow the changes of nature, of architecture or experience the rebuilding, restoring of nature or whatever will happen to that place. Every performance within the project will leave an item that will also be watched during its decay, destruction or other changes. These observations will be continued after the project-period for five years with film- and photo-material during all seasons.

Which effect do those places have on the public at time, how are they used in the future and how will the places change and why?

This goes together with reports and visual documentation of the artists involved. How is their live changing? How the relations to the places used will change? Are there similar changes in the use of nature or “forgotten landscapes?”

We will also produce a new look onto the places we are working, especially by using rituals which are not born at those locations.

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