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artscenico continued the Sanctuary project in Lodz and returned to Germany on Sunday, May 29th after a thrilling experience. The whole stay was a creative mixture of “real life” and artistic interventions. The Academy for Human Economics is our partner, the Patio Art Center our first location, a meeting of visual and performing arts. Together with dance- and choreography students from the academy we developped a series of try-outs, rehearsals and research. During the day we were groovin’ and movin’ – at night we celebrated researches of Polish kitchen and drinking habits, brainstormed the next day and facebooked or diaried.

The premiere was a premiere was a premiere. While the artists were preparing the exhibition, the dancers  inspected the space and found co-insidences and synergies with the installations, pictures and photographies. We developped a littel parcours throughout the area, starting on the lawn where imoressive Lore Duwe in black clothes confronts herself with the sun. Our “old lady” meet the young, they embrace and Margarita Nagel takes over the landscape under a tree, on a hill. They disappear like they showed up, passing the stage to Photini Meletiadis who shakes us all with her solo “Lost in tradition” in front of a grey wall where provisional electric cables dangle around.

The exhibition is opened and the spectators are confronted with arts works and a living exhibition. For 56 minutes the space is filled with sanctuaries, a kind of mass is celebrated together with the audience. Natalia Kielan moves from one blind window to the other, like a creature who was once one with the wall, sometimes she falls out and lies there like a dis-orientated insect. Rieke Steierl took a space for her own where pictures was placed in rose-frames. Once in a while she bursts out of her refugium to join the others. Photini does hardly dare wmoving away from a small seat. She feels her way alongside the wall and the art-works, bursting our in hilarious movements.

Margarita centralizes her little area by defining the areal between the columns, embraces them, falls down, jumps up and down, smoothly gliding to her artificial sea.

The dancers leaves the rooms, transformed to new identities, looking like creatures from another world – dressed in blue with rabbit-masks.

In the yard Anna Glowacka climbes from her sacntuary – a roof – down to risk a look into reality. Carefully, step by step she dares walking a few meters to end up in a tunnell, passing a young man in the dark, disappearing in dazzling light.

Damian Gilewski found his recreation space in a small gangway without any beam of sunlight. A bench is part of his small world he is trying to use as an ever lasting territory.

Malwina Czyżewska is trapped in the colour pink. Being a temporary occurance the colour now affects her life, feeling herself between laughing and sadness.

There are closed doors which will never open. Anna Bajer is trying to get in – again and again, knowing that it is in vain. But using this attempt as a ritual she keeps her fear “what is behind the door” as an everlasting secret.

Lore Duwe established her sanctuary in the middle of the big hall of the Patio Art Center. A chair and a plant taken from nature, the remains of a long life. Her movements seem to be a soundless incantation. The “rabbits” are waiting to end the illusions, disappearing with all protgonists in the darkness of an aisle.

Friday – a day of spontaneous decisions

At the villa of Henryk Grohmann there is a picnic in the rain. Instead of a silent image in two fantastic rooms, having Rolf playing the piano and four creatures waiting for a change, we change plans. Margarita captures a room to present an entertaining, interaction dress-and-music solo of anxiety. Lore is sitting amongst the specators on benches, singing beautfiul old

German songs during the in-betweens, admired by a young man close to her.

The garden is the  sanctuary-foil for Rieke, Photini, Lore and Anna: Roof-sweeping, tree-climbing, raven-phantoms and table-incantation.

We move over to the big exhibition hall at the day of open ateliers and art-halls. The 10th anniversary of this undergorund-event is opened and the dancers are up on their tricks in the atrium, rocking the place, leavong it behind as it was before but filled with new images some will not forget, even the dogs.

photos: dman

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