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After having been in Malta and the woods of Birstonas in Lithuania, we will be off to Lodz in Poland where we will cooperate with Polish artists in galeries and other locations to create and present works of fine and performing arts in an alternating cooperation. Together with the artscenico artists Lore Duwe (from the senior-ensemble of Pina Bausch), dancers and choreographers Rieke Steierl from Dortmund, Photini Meletiadis from Cologne, Margarita Nagel from Lyon/Essen and camera-man Frank Mählen from Gelsenkirky, artistic director Rolf Dennemann is looking forward to an exciting week in Lodz. See the schedule and more details on our EU-Sanctuary site (Poland)

Postet on 19.05.2011 by Rolf Dennemann
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