Sanctuaries between tourism and tradition

artscenico continued its actions throughout Europe by visiting Turkey the second time after research and film-works in Ankara in June. Ören at the southwestern coast was the place, the Turkish partners; “Happy Kids” had organized as the place for workshops, research and performances.

feetIf you take your clichés with you on your voyages you don’t have to pay for overweight. When you come back with less weight, this helped you clearing your view and there is space for gaining of cognition. Artscenico experienced a group of people for whom community is self-evident like the cucumber in the cacik.

At the destination, after flights and rented car it is sticky like in the tropical house of a zoo. Passing industrial premises at the bottom of the mountains which looked a bit like old coking plants in the Ruhr area, after serpentines, passing slightly lightened streets, there is a sign saying “Hotel Alanata”. The organization “Happy Kids” rented the space especially for us and the Turkish participants to work on film-making, theatre and dance. That the place is situated straight at the seaside could only be realized the next morning.

The „holy place of retreat „is very close to the water.

groupWe experience about twenty Turkish participants during our trip into the interdisciplinary fields of performing arts from different cities in Turkey who destroy our prejudices and clichés. People between ten and fifty-nine built a community and the word “arkadas” is often heard. The kids speak English and others try to convince us to learn some Turkish words.

Cow, donkey, dog

We see strong males who walk thru the sea with trees in their hands as the „wild men from the forest“. We see farms with cows, a donkey, dogs and chicken who lay their eggs for the needs of the families. We experience singing women, tinking men, dancing children, blind musicians who sing the Turkish Blues on the nightly terrace, waiters who wish you “good health” in the morning, a waitress who always smiles, not understanding one word of what we are saying, a hotel owner with a Bavarian German-Turkish accent, old men, who play Tavla the whole day. We see that the public transport is organized with tractors and drawn-trailers. We see a muslima who does not loose grace wearing a body-bikini, who eats her dinner at night on the beach. There is a man saying “Oh my god” notifying that he is an atheist. There are men who communicate by reciting poems of Nazim Hikmet.

On a mountain close to the seaside, next to a tiny village, the participants of the sanctuary workshop assemble to have a barbecue-dinner. A donkey is passing, as well as – a little later – some bulls and cows, together with goats. A small old man sits on a chair. He is almost blind. Children around him are listening to his stories. The donkey woman joins them.

Friday night, on a wonky stage, at the beach of Ören, there is a performance starting with some songs, films and poetry, ending up in a joint performance of our dancer Margarita and actor Matthias, dancetogether with the participants – artistic virgin soil – dance without music, performance out of the sea. Until four in the morning discussions are initiated on the lawn of the hotel whilst the sea is adding its sounds and the moon is in his full mood.


Margarita Nagel, Matthias Hecht, Frank Mählen, Petra Steierl, Rolf Dennemann


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