Plans for 2016

artscenico has created some ideas for projects which could be realized in 2016 depending on successful applications. we will present therse ideas on February 8th at our annual “artscenico meets artists meets audience” in the Theater im depot/Dortmund at 19 hrs.

artscenico Stuhl auf Brache dman mini“The mess” – a stage performance-project – to be premiered in May 2016.(rehearsals from March) A ritual creating an intoxicated sensual atmosphere. Dancers, performers and singers are moving the audience into a strange dream – dark, profound, hot and surreal, a trip through religion and spiritual philosophy.

“Exclusion zone/ a test arrangement” – to be premiered in August 2016 – “Exclusion zone” (Sperrzone) is a coproduction of artscenico/Dortmund and the dance company “bodytalk”/Cologne. They appreciate their artistic works and especially their aim of working together with lay people and enthusiasts to integrate them and their creativity and experience. Professional dancers and performers are involved in the production as well as a an international choir and about 10-15 lay people from different social backgrounds. No man’s land, a piece of earth without geographical definition: Here, stranded people and travelers get together whose trip was inescapable. They left their home country. They wanted to leave, save their lives and the ones of their relatives, some of them are alone, others in groups. No one knows from where they come and where they will end up. At this moment they end up in scenery of the lost, a destination in nowhere. On an areal of wasted land humans get together, individuals who have to define their future. The landscape does not give any hope, forgotten land which outcasts make their own. It turns out that a pack of castaways establishes itself on a non-emotional terrain without future, without aims. No laws, it is just about surviving. Some use their creativity to arrange themselves. Others fail and let themselves go and loose humanity. The piece looks like a film-set, a surreal image with components of choreography which seems to be familiar with us, an unreal vision which hopefully will never come true. But still something is funny. That there is hope at the end belongs to the nature of men. The artists and lay people involved deal with the subject of this situation and jointly develop a script together with the artistic director and choreographer. This basic plot is the parameter for the rehearsals. The choreography, images and situations are the results from experiences of the involved people and possible actions and reactions. A score of movements will be developed due to the individuals. The audience is sitting in front of the scenery which is quite far away watching a surreal  world which is real in its single images. The landscape is the star.


“Germany” – a coproduction of artscenico, Theater im Depot/Dortmund and Theater Rottstraß5/Bochum. We are curating 25 directors, choreographers and others to create 25 pieces about Germany, each between 7 and 20 minutes long. Each production will get a limp sum for the realisation. There will be 25 statements about Germany building a caleidoscope of different forms and contents.

“Night school” – will be created in a real school. There will be classes, teachers and a facility manager. The audience will come to attend different subjects. There will be pauses, tests and incidents. Actors, dancers and other experts will create lessons and lead into new worlds of education.





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