European Audience: 2020 and beyond – Conference on audience development

artscenico goes to Brussels

The last two days have been a very inspiring time for us. We were invited by the European commission to attend a conference at The EGG in Brussels and present our work to over 800 colleges working in the cultural sector from all over Europe. We met a lot of fascinating people and learned about their projects and their strategies to attract new audiences. By sharing our experiences in creating site-specific performances, we had the chance to contribute to this inspiring event.

The conference focused on the changed situation that all cultural institutions and creative companies must face nowadays: due to the multiplied possibilities of spending leisure time, attracting audiences and getting their attention has become harder and harder. A lot of theatres, museums, cinemas and other cultural events struggle with a decreasing number of visitors. Finding new ways to seduce people to come and enjoy art has become a matter of great importance to all who work in the culture sector.

Due to our unusual methods to create performances in extraordinary places we were chosen to present our work. Being a group achieving to successfully perform in public spaces and bringing audiences to appreciate contemporary art-forms in a way they never had before, was the main purpose of putting artscenico in the spotlight. Rolf Dennemanns speech in front of the other cultural producers was therefore an enriching contribution to the conference.

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