DorfOrgien startet tour in Mülheim

Last Saturday (August 25th 2012) the Four-Versions-Tour of the DorfOrgien startet in Mülheim at the Ringlokschuppen having 350 people sharing the event. The tour will be continued in Dortmund (31st), Herne (1st of Spt) and Essen (15th of Sept). Between 19.30 and 22.30 the audience coulc conquer the area, watching different orgies like “old women in sand”, “arrival of the outlaw”, “Turkish pocknick variations”, Cello orgies, Sitting on ruins, Sax oriental, music gallery of village

caravan dance

locals, violine and water, art-orgies, pamphlet for the arts, evening dances, Oracle of Mrs. Lore, Vegetable chorals, Fleamarket Sluts, Local shredders, Welcome orgies, Hymn gitareros, bikists, fanfares and at the end the big concert of the Dorf in the hall.

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