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Rolf Dennemann and GRYNPARKAS festival invites artists to propose their ideas and working methods for live installations/performances/interactive situations for the project EMBEDED IN NATURE that will take place in May 2013 in Kaunas, in the center of the city, on Nemunas island (see the island The event is dedicated for a rediscovery of nature in urban places. About twelve ideas will be selected which will be realised in different spaces of the island or other nearby places. Proposals should include:

1)      Description in English (½–1 of page) – artistical and/or ecological concept , graphic and/or verbal sketch, possible minimum and maximum duration;

2)      Technical requirements – site specification, materials and other required stuff, technical equipment, time for installing and deconstuction;

3)      Preliminary costs.

Applications are accepted by e-mail: Deadline for applications – 3rd of October, 2012. Confirmation of selected projects – 19th of October, 2012.

Rolf Dennemann is German author, actor and director, famous for his site specific performances in non-theatrical spaces. He involves different artists and combines different art forms – music, dance, circus, street art, artistic instalations, etc. (see GRYNPARKAS has cooperated with Rolf already in 2011, for the festival edition in Birštonas (see

After the first meeting of the creative team in Kaunas in July 2012, the vision of the project EMBEDED IN NATURE was defined:

Vision: White beds in the landscape of the island. Bed as an indoor furniture in an outdoor setting – in nature environment. Bed as birth-love-death place, place for rest/work/dreaming/meditating etc.

Audience-performance relationship: linear set (tour/expedition) of live installations, interactive situations/experiences, performances/impressions that take place one after another. Groups of audience come up and then continue their itinerary to other events.

Audience organisation: Audience gets into the island through two entrances (white Pedestrian bridge (P bridge – let‘s give them working titles) and Arena‘s bridge to main entrance of Akropolis (A-A bridge); Everybody gets a guide leaflet/booklet where the itinerary of the actions is indicated.

Scenario: finding (searching, adapting situation) – wondering (marveling) – interacting (taking part) – meditating (deeper diving into artistical visions) – experiencing (new experiences, deep reflection, analyzing) – exciting (smth. ‘unbelievable‘, with the final ‚boom‘… and chill out after it).

Duration – the whole tour lasts approximately 3 hours (19:30–22:30).

Site‘s and territories outside the island, which can also be used as set/landscape elements:

Nemunas river and the old bed of river;


Abandoned shipyard on the other side of the river;

Old Town;

Fire station;

Stalinistic quarters of apartments in the other side of old bed of river;

2 pedestrian bridges;

Hotel-ghost (monolithic building near Akropolis);

Akropolis‘ garages;

Nemunas embankments.

Other live site specific elements, which can be used as visual effects:

Little ship/boat/floats/canoes (Kaunas Tourism Information Centre)

Kite-boarding, gliders (Aleksotas aerodrome)

Bicycle riders (bicycle path on the right embankment of Nemunas)

People with dogs

Fire trucks

Groups of soldiers/students/pupils


1st meeting (20th July, 2012) participants :

Rolf Dennemann (actor and director, DE)

Photini Meletiadis

Photini Meletiadis (dancer and choreographer, GR)

Ina Pukelytė (GP artistic director, LT)

Ed Carroll (curator – social studies of city, cultural projects, IR)

Jurga Knyvienė (GP international coordinator, LT)

Auksė Petrulienė (Psilicon theatre, LT)

Darius Petrulis (video, LT)

Goda Piktytė (actor, LT)

Virginija Vitkienė (director and chief executive of Kaunas Biennial, LT)

Justinas Kalinauskas (student of directing, founder and director of students‘ theatre of Vytautas Magnus university, LT)


2nd meeting and CREATIVE WORKSHOP (2 weeks) with Rolf Dennemann will take place in March, 2013.

Final development and rehearsals – 2 weeks before opening.

Opening – 3rd–5th or 10th–12th of May, 2013.


For further information, please contact:

Ina Pukelytė
Artistic director of GRYNPARKAS
Mob. +370 618 16160

Jurga Knyvienė
International coordinator of GRYNPARKAS

Mob. +370 620 43447





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