Audience in the landscape

The artistic act is „a common look at (calm) a landscape“. If then – exactly after 2.30 min. – the brass band between the hills, first acoustically, then also visually appears, Tschinderassa moves over the meadow and disappears again, people then experience a strange reality in a peculiar way. The noise has burst together with the tradition familiar to him. The brass-band music is – alien-like – element of the landscape. Nowadays it is a problem to bear silence. Pictures without high tide have to be borne with difficulty. We are today too familiar with the speed of the global world. By now, everything slow exerting us to look, is a challenge. It becomes a work of art which produces various other pictures and memories, one of the tasks of art: Landscape and brass-band music, both brought into harmony with each other for four minutes only, by the absurdity of the arrangement. It is funny and dangerously similarly depending on biography of the observer. Even if brass bands are not our favorite leisure aims, even if we don’t care about meadows, a big part of the audience cannot escape from this fascination.

Postet on 29.10.2012 by Rolf Dennemann
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