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In November artscenico was hosting two guests from Poland: the artists Małgorzata Chodyna and Jacek Szczepanek who made reasearches about the industrial and mining history of the Ruhrgebiet. They wrote a report which you really shouold read. From this report we will develop a project to be realized in 2015. ”

As we travelled to the famous coal region of Germany we imagined a miner in dusty clothes with a helmet and headlamp greeting us and taking us down to a coal mine for a lookaround. Well, we had known that there was just a few mines still in operation, so he might actually be quite clean and have a new job – but it did not quite spoil the image in our heads. Then we realised that right at the end of our visit fell the St. Barbara’s day, so we looked forward to getting carried away by the wave of celebrating crowd.
In the end we have not met one miner, and the only Internet listing for St. Barbara’s day was a ceremonial twig trimming at the botanic garden. We opted out, and instead interviewed Mr. Günter Nieswand, head of the fundraising society at Zeche Zollern, which cares about preserving the industrial culture. He mentioned St. Barbara’s day among the social occasions in which the society takes part, but was surprised when we told him it was actually that very day.
We started to understand what our host Rolf Dennemann meant when he said that the history of mining was getting forgotten, even if the omnipresent industrial images (which give way only to the heraldry of the Borussia football club) clearly suggested otherwise. We have been introduced to the specific Ruhr version of the post-industrial…”:

read the whole report here: Małgorzata, Jacek – report


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