Art whores in sleazy hotels

There are actresses, a dancer and a singer who get paid by the audience for a limited
time in one f the hotel rooms. There you do not get sex services but everything
they have to offer in terms of art – from folksongs to drama monologues.

This project is also about migration, a game about reality and illusion.

Artists from the oriental side of the world, from the old east-block countries and from old Europe are art whores on the field of political correctness. The customer can
buy everything but sex. They do not show plays, they show excerpts and short stories
or songs. It is about sale!

Where and when:

Premiere: October 29th 2011 at 20.00 in „Club Escort“ – Juliusstraße 5 –  44145 Dortmund

and 30th of Oct. at 19.00 hrs, Nov. 6th at 19.00 hrs


Venus Hosseini, actress (Iran/DE)

Alexandra Lowygina, actress  (Russia/DE)

Denitsa Christo, singer (Bulgaria/DE)

Antje Hamer, actress (DE)

Matthias Hecht, actor (DE)

Photini Meletiadis, dancer (Greece)


Artistic arrangement: Rolf Dennemann

Productionmanager: Dr. Monika Pirklbauer

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