„The market – analogue and digital“

A project about local markets in Europe

The project focuses on the smaller local markets in villages and city quarters all across Europe. Food and flea markets have their own distinctive atmosphere, which reflects the local identity of the population. These identities and their diversity are the subjects of our artistic “market research”.

We are especially interested in the typical “market sound”:

The different sales methods and customs like puffery and market cries, lingual singularities (such as dialects and local expressions), music and biographical episodes blend into a dissonant harmony of sensation.

Apart from these acoustical materials, we will investigate the visual phenomenons of the market.

A mashed up piece of art comes into being, consisting of sound recordings, songs but also visual impressions such as picture series and cinematographic sequences.

Our aim is to create a kaleidoscopic perception of European markets.

In order to achieve a variety of artistic actions and results but also to wield influence on the market bustle, we will put artists in to contact with the personnel of the market stands. They will “assist” the market sales men and initialise spontaneous artistic performances.

These artistic interruptions in the market routine can be forms of invisible theatre as well as obvious alterations of the scenery i.e. own market stands.

So beside the acoustical and the visual aspect this will be our third field of interest: the performance.

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