„Heimat surreal“ has been an exhausting excerpt of life – part I

Outside there are dormitory bunks on green fields within an abandoned industrial area, a former steel company of the size of a small city: Phoenix. Now there are only a few heritages left like the big “Schalthalle” which has been waiting for investors for some years. Shortly before dusk the audience enters the hall and from that second on you feel like being part of a surreal film which is shot life, by different camera men.

In a container there are nicely dressed ladies waving. Inside a yellow light rather shows more than kitchen business. A bride is standing in the hall – lost and alone amongst the audience and some small platforms. A wafting sound leads nowhere and everywhere in this gigantic hall. Dancers are showing up, dressed in white monk-like, baby-like costumes.  Empty chairs are waiting to be used. The dancers individually move on their tiny stages, concentrated as if this is the last thing they ever do. Real trees are carried in to place them at some rusty pillars, witnesses of old times when that was a noisy place. Now there is a kind of loud silence.  A man is walking around with a deerhead carrying his own music, an old German traditional song telling about the loveliness of rambling. The audience is walking around not knowing what is happening next. They stop, watch a dancer, sit down or move to another place of strange action. Three musicians get on one of the stages playing a mixture of Mongolian and German music. Young men push in a big screen; place it in front of some empty chairs. The bride is waving the people to come, sit down and watch. We see dancers and performers in nature; watch a film, which is drawing us into its atmosphere with images of exhilarating power of deceleration.  Refreshments are given; beds are carried in, put to a wall. Later people come with their belongings and blankets, move themselves into dreams. The dancers melt together with the music, become one unit of sound and movement. The bride is waiting for the visitors to go back into their real lives. Photos: Guntram Walter

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